Bad Breath by Advanced Dental Services. Dentistry Dental in Spain.

More than one fourth of the world’s population suffers from bad breath. In most cases (90 percent) bad breath is caused by issues in the mouth, nose and throat, and have little or nothing to do with stomach problems, as is the popular belief. Ten percent of the affected suffer from bad breath as a side-effect of certain medications, because of an illness of the digestive system, or due to other systemic health issues. Lacking oral hygiene often leads to bad breath, simply because the remnants of food are not removed and then begin to rot in the gaps between your teeth. Chronic bad breath can often be an important hint pointing to tooth decay or to gum disease (periodontosis). Sufferers of bad breath should always visit a dentist, as tooth decay and periodontosis can lead to pain, tooth loss and even bone decay in the periodontum.

There are many natural methods for treating bad breath and preventing tooth decay and periodontosis – this certainly includes proper brushing of the teeth. Use quite a soft tooth brush (whether it is electric or not), dental floss between the teeth, a mouth wash and a toothpaste without excessive amounts of synthetic ingredients.

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