Implants -70% Treatments in comparison with UK

All on four

A dental implant is a titanium “root” device used to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth

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Our latest techniques:

Implants and permanent teeth in one day

For many patients there is given the possibility for having immediate dental implants treatment  + fixed teeth, as well known under the definition of same day dental implants which can be loaded immediately, so that the patient does not need to return for a second visit after month. The advantage is the reduction in dental treatment time in Spain and less sessions with the specialist dentists! In most of the dentistries, this implant treatment depends on the situation of the existing teeth, the amplitude of the dental makeover and the quality of the bone. But in Art&Dent it´s possible to place immediate implants and teeth the same day in 90% of the cases. The majority of our patients receive dental implants and permanent teeth in a single day. In implantology, these are called “same day” implants, meaning that teeth are extracted and implants are placed in the jaw bone in one session, and the new permanent teeth are placed on the implants a few hours later. In some cases, the procedure may differ depending on the condition of your existing teeth, your bone mass, and other criteria, as well as the extent of treatment required. Imagine changing your smile and your entire look in just one day!

Implants / Before & After

Implants / Photos / Before & After – ADVANCED DENTAL SERVICES


All-on-Four procedure

All-on-Four  was developed as a way to more efficiently use implants in both jaws, and for bone loss cases. It is particularly effective for full arch restoration because longer, stronger implants can be used in the back part of the jaw. The result is a procedure that uses the fewest implants possible (which reduces the total cost of the treatment), avoids bone graft surgery, and provides high-quality restorative results in a very short time! promoAll-220x220 With the All-on-Four procedure, patients receive just 4 implants and a full set of new replacement teeth in just one appointment, without bone grafts! The real appeal is how quickly permanent implants can be placed so that patients can leave the same day with permanent, non-removable replacement teeth. Then, after a period between 4 months and 2 years, when the gums have fully healed and the implants are fused to the natural bone, our dentists will take new impressions and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit.  This helps ensure that the teeth will last for decades, and provide maximum support, beauty, and function to the patient.

All-on-Six procedure

Unlike the All on 4 procedure, it´s necessary enough bone to place this number of implants. This procedure is basically identical to the All-on-Four procedure, except six implants are placed instead of just four.

Local anaesthetic You will be given a number of injections to block out pain during your dental procedure, which means you will stay awake and fully responsive. Local anaesthetic is much preferable to a sedacion-220x220general anaesthetic, as your body will recover faster and the residual danger posed by a general anaesthetic is eliminated.