Bone Regeneration by Advanced Dental Services. Dentistry Dental in Spain.

The prerequisite for an implant is a healthy and solid jawbone. There are, however, a variety of solutions the dentist can use when presented with a less sturdy jaw. The implantologist has the option of regenerating the jawbone, but that is only necessary with very weak jaws. This method will augment, i.e. increase bone mass in the jaw. The augmentation involves various techniques and methods which should be explained to you individually by your dental surgeon.

The basic parameters for the definition of the entire reconstructive procedure are the bone height and width. Width augmentation (transversal) is less complex than a vertical bone regeneration.

The next criterion for bone regeneration is the choice of bone material – the surgeon may choose to use your body’s own, or a foreign substance. Where a large amount of bone mass is required, bone rich areas of the jaw can provide the bone material needed around the implant. This new field of dentistry has begun developing successful methods for building up your body’s own bone mass, whereby for example blood plasma is used to produce healing and growth stimulating transitters. The slow healing of the bone material is encouraged through this process – the PRP method accelerates the healing of your jawbone.

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