Objectives and Uses of Implantology by Advanced Dental Services. Dentistry Dental in Spain.

As implantology is extremely challenging, the development of various technical disciplines in dentistry has recently achieved a level where implants can be offered as a “natural” tooth replacement. Implants rest on synthetic roots which are anchored deep in the jaw. The resulting stability makes it possible to replace teeth individually or bridge larger gaps in the teeth. This technology makes it possible for the first time to build up a completely toothless jaw. Major tooth loss is also a principle cause of bone atrophy, so the implants solve two major problems. The chewing forces transferred from the inserted implants are absorbed by the jaw and this strengthens the muscle and bone tissue. The same principle applies here, as it applies for the whole body: bone tissue and the muscle apparatus in general depend on movement.

People with implants forget that they have them after a short time. The implant is just as firmly placed as all other teeth in the roots of the jaw; they won’t slip, won’t loosen and allow you to bite down hard. Additionally, your bite will be back to normal within a few short weeks, so you will feel like the implants are your natural teeth. This age-independent solution massively improves the patient’s quality of life.

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