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Orthodontology is the speciality in dentistry that focuses on the study, prevention and treatment on problems experienced with growth, development and maturing of the face, the dental arch and overbite, as well as any disruption in the facial tooth area.


To be able to work in the specialised field of orthodontology, a dentist must gain recognition in this field after completing a general degree. To achieve this, they must complete a special course and/or finish a masters or doctorate degree in the subject. The prospective orthodontist must also complete a course of study where he gains more than a basic knowledge of the growth and development of the face, the anatomy of the face, as well as preventive, intrusive and corrective treatments.


Orthodontology can be divided into fixed orthodontology (with braces and bands that are fused to the teeth) and non-fixed (removable braces). Orthognatic surgery is recommended for adults with very irregular bone foundations.

Orthognatic surgery describes the general odontological surgical field in which adult patients have their normal facial profile restored.

If the growth of your facial bones differs from the ideal anatomical profile, an orthodontist will correct that (up to the age of ten). In adults, where there is no more expected growth in the facial bone structure, certain serious situations can arise where they will need to have their facial bone structure surgically repositioned – for example in an accident. Orthognatic surgery is suited for patients with irregularities in the build up of their tooth structure, as it would lead to either a shortage or a surplus of bone material in the jaw area.

Orthodontology is constantly changing, particularly in relation to the materials used to perform orthodontological procedures. Aside from the different types of devices (firm, removable, etc.), various composite materials are also used in modern orthodontology.

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