Periodontology by Advanced Dental Services. Dentistry Dental in Spain.

After completing a 3-year additional university degree, specialist dentists attend specific training courses for periodontology and pass a special exam before they can have a practice that specialises in periodontology. 

Parodontology focuses on gum disease and jaw disorders. Dentists involved in parodontology attend annual field-specific training courses where they are taught the sub-field of implantology.

The specialised field of parodontology offers a wide range of training opportunities. Parodontology is divided into several specialised sub-fields. Each field has its own description so the patient will only be referred to a dentist with the necessary skills and qualifications. There are different types of periodontosis, but every dentist has the ability to determine these illnesses and even treat them in light or moderate cases. This means that parodontological dentists are only required for the diagnosis and treatment of more serious illness and complications. Unfortunately, the number of specific terminology and specialised fields within parodontology has increased exponentially, which means that it would be meaningful for patients to research some  of the most important terms in advance of a consultation.

Orthodontology is constantly changing, particularly in relation to the materials used to perform orthodontological procedures. Aside from the different types of devices (firm, removable, etc.), various composite materials are also used in modern orthodontology.

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