Veneers and No-Prep-Veneers by Advanced Dental Services. Dentistry Dental in Spain.

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic covers made of plastic or ceramic that are attached to the tooth’s surface using a custom adhesive. Veneers are as thin as contact lenses and so transparent, that the end result looks like natural teeth. Many patients wish for a nicer smile, but would rather not have to replace their existing crowns or natural teeth. Then Veneers came along and solved that problem. Thanks to Lumineers and no-prep-veneers (the underlying tooth will not have to be “prepped” i.e. the tooth’s enamel will remain intact), it is now possible to transform an imperfect smile (functional and healthy teeth) without having to replace a single tooth.

Lumineers and no-prep-veneers are particularly useful for tooth discolouration that cannot be bleached. Lumineers and no-prep-veneers not only correct the shape of teeth, but also their positioning.

In terms of treatment, veneers are categorised as prosthetics, but because they are attached to your own teeth, they – just like crowns – are not considered tooth replacements in the proper sense.

There may not always be a functional need for veneers or Lumineers – sometimes they are solely meant to improve the aesthetics of the teeth. They create a perfect smile even when you have defects from decay or discolouration. The result is a gleaming white smile with even rows of teeth. That is why they have been become a popular choice for many people with high aesthetic expectations.

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